Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Véhicule amphibie : un bon grimpeur A good climber. Véhicule amphibie : inclinaison latéral Lateral slope. Véhicule amphibie : poste de conduiteEven people without previous driving experience can master the CROCO within a short time. Véhicule amphibie : vue du moteurThe logical arrangement of all components and the easy accessibility without yhe necessity to remove other parts, make the CROCO the easiest all-terrain vehicle to maintain.

Weights and dimensions

Overall length
2,70 m
Overall width
2,00 m
Overall height without hood
1,65 m
Overall height with hood
1,95 m
Ground clearance
0,28 m
1,62 m
1,65 m
Unladen weight
900 kg
Gross vehicle weight
1 400 kg


CROCO rotary engine (produced under NSU-Wankel licence), single rotor, displacement 440 cc, equivalent to 880 cc, compression ratio 7.6:1, oil-cooled rotor, engine air-cooled by centrifugal blower, fitted with electric as well as manual recoil starter.


Belt-drive torque converter, ratio infinitely variable between 1:3.41 and 1:0.68. CROCO gearbox, non-synchronised, two forward speeds, one reverse.



Worm gear differential transaxles, ratio 1:7.5, with automatic locking device.

Wheels and tires

CROCO low-presure flotation tires, size 31x15.50 - 15, on aluminium wheels, inflation pressure 0.5 atm (7.3 P.S.I.).



Mechanical, foot-operated braking system, dual circuit, single disc. Handbrake on gearbox. Brake effect by worm pinion differential transaxles.

Electrical system

12V, 500W alternator, battery capacity 66 Ah, capacitive discharge ignition, combined starter and main switch, 12V socket, front and rear position lights, high beam and dipped lights, flashing indicators and hazard warning lights, stop lights, number plate illumination, horn, windscreen wipers and washer.

Fuel system

Three standard 20 litre metal containers, fully interchangeable. Total capacity 60 litres. Standard grade petrol. Vacuum fuel pump. Special carburettor, petrol consumption 6 litres per hour.

Chassis and hull

Twin steel tubes, jointed at the pivoting point, sealed for amphibious operation, thoroughly rust-proofed and painted.



Maximum speed :
- land 1st gear
25 km/h
- land 2nd gear
50 km/h
- water (with the wheels)
4 km/h
- water (with outbord motor)
8 km/h
Acceleration :
0 - 20 km p.h.
3 sec
0 - 30 km p.h.
6 sec
0 - 40 km p.h.
10 sec
0 - 50 km p.h.
20 sec
(1 litre = 10 min = 8.33 km)
500 km